Fat girls get laid too

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People are always amazed that overweight people have sex.

I mean, considering the size of Americans these days, one would think people would realize that, since there are babies still being born, there are plenty of fat people getting it on.

To illustrate my point, a couple of years back, Usher, the R&B singer, was sued for knowingly passing herpes on to his sexual partners. One of the first women to sue him was a lovely young woman who happened to be fat, and I don’t mean pleasantly plump.

Social media became a feeding frenzy that continuously questioned the truthfulness…

Internet porn has done a number on us; like the inability to appreciate women’s bodies in all their many forms.

Photo by Dellon Thomas from Pexels

I’m a proud member of the No Bald Coochies social club.

Our mission statement is simple: We, adult women of the No Bald Coochies social club, believe women should look like women and not pre-pubescent girls. …

The best stories from Medium’s naughtiest writers Feb. 07, 2020

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In Today’s Sex Stories I Love there’s a little something for everyone, from lessons on BDSM, ways to close the orgasm gap and a letter to men letting them know that just because they want the hot chick, the hot chick doesn’t have to want them.


1. Note to Men: Stop Chasing Women You Can’t Afford

by Brown Sugar
I have a pet peeve. Men who believe they should have a “ten” yet only amount to a five themselves and still expect the most beautiful women on the planet to choose them to be their boyfriend/husband.

2. Closing the Orgasm Gap by Redefining Dominance

by Joe Duncan
The Orgasm Gap is real…and there’s something we can do…

Masturbator Reviews

Loads of pleasure packed in a small egg

Tenga Egg Twister

About Tenga Egg Twister

The TENGA Egg Twister male masturbator is an amazing way to achieve a mind-blowing orgasm. This sex toy is specifically designed to boost your sexual pleasure to the maximum. And thanks to its egg shape, it does a really good job as a penis stimulator.

The level of sensation with the TENGA Egg Twister is more controllable compared to other conventional models. Its small and compact size, measuring about 3” in length proves a perfect travel companion due to its great discretion.

Furthermore, this exceptional sex toy comes in a variety of materials, colors, and textures to choose from.

Design & Features


Dildo Reviews

A realistic dildo great for vaginal and anal play.

The Boy In Blue Dildo

About The Boy In Blue Dildo

The Boy in Blue 6.5" Dildo with Suction Cup from lover boy is a realistically designed, safe and versatile dildo whose unique curves make it easy to stimulate your g-spot or p-spot for multiple earth-shattering orgasms.

It comes with a suction cup and is harness compatible, making it appropriate for use in any scenario.

Design & Features

The Boy in Blue 6.5" Dildo with Suction Cup comes at just the right size. Its 6.5 inches long with an insertable length of 5.75 inches.

Its width is 1.5 inches and its circumference 4.5 Inches. It weighs just 11.68 ounces and only 9.2 …

Dildo Reviews

Dillio Mini-Sex Ball makes bouncing on balls a whole lot more fun.

Dillio Vibrating Mini-Sex Ball

About the Dillio Vibrating Mini-Sex Ball

Straight out of everyone’s sexual fantasy, bringing out a crazy mix of sex and workout like you’ve never seen before, the Vibrating Mini-Sex Ball from Dillio is about to test your limits in every way imaginable.

Designed with maximum comfort in mind, and the perfectly sized six-inch dildo, this item is its own party in a box, waiting for you to discover it and have the most mind-blowing ride of your life.

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Design & Features

From a visual standpoint, the Dillio Vibrating Mini-Sex Ball might remind you of those bouncy exercise…

Cock Ring Reviews

A simple cock ring delivering big-time pleasure.

Dr. Joel Kaplan Prolong Cock Ring

About Dr. Joel Kaplan Prolong Cock Ring

Dr. Joel Kaplan is the go-to penis man. He is known for his many male enhancement products and pumps.

His Dr. Joel Kaplan Prolong Cock Ring from California Exotics is one of the best because of how well it fits and helps with increasing size in an instant.

Cock rings, in general, are very useful for increasing pleasure for both partners, and they help men maintain a longer, firmer erection.

With the Silicone Prolong Cock Ring’s smooth design, it is very comfortable for the user.

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Design & Features

This cock ring

Sex Toy Reviews

A traditional vibrator for those who like their sex toys powerful and simple.

Velvet Touch Vibe by Doc Johnson

About the Velvet Touch Vibe

Give yourself the Velvet touch. The Velvet Touch Vibrator line by Doc Johnson are simple yet powerful. They are perfect for those who are new to vibrators or those who want there sex toys simple and to the point.

These classically styled 6.6 inches vibrators feature an incredibly smooth texture, like the velvet they are named for.

The base has a simple dial control that lets you vary the vibration speed to customize your perfect amount of stimulation. These Slim Velvet Touch Vibes are also super-powerful yet quiet.

Customers can even take the Velvet Touch Slim Vibe into the tub…

Sex Toy Buying Guide

Or to start one if you haven’t done so already.

We can thank the Sex and the City ladies for bringing rabbit vibrators to our attention oh so many moons ago.

The rabbit or Jack Rabbit (or even Jessica Rabbit) vibrator earned its name because the clitoral stimulator on each vibrator looks like a pair of bunny ears.

The best way to get dual stimulation with your sex toys, rabbit vibrators are some of the most popular and powerful sex toys on the market.

Definitely some of our bestselling sex toys, we compiled a list of the most popular rabbit vibrators at our adult toys store.

How did we decide…

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